Health Equity Policy

Promote public and institutional policy change in health professions education, community health, and healthcare access to create an equitable healthcare system for diverse populations and communities.

Critical MASS for Elimination of Health Disparities

Take Community ActionFounded and provided organizational and fiscal home for Critical MASS for Elimination of Health Disparities, a statewide coalition working on elimination of racial and ethnic disparities in health including development and dissemination of a community organizing toolkit.

Critical MASS grew out of the 2nd New England Regional Minority Health Conference and was established in June 2001. A group of community advocates, public agencies and non-profit service providers recognized a range of new initiatives to address health disparities for specific populations, disease categories or geographic locations in Massachusetts. But these programs do not address the entirety of health and they lack mechanisms through which to coordinate their activities or share lessons learned.

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Disparities Action Network

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